Look for SignalFx at CoreOS Fest, GlueCon, or MesosCon in the coming weeks. Drop by our booth for a demo and pick up some cool swag!


CoreOS Fest LogoCoreOS Fest

We’re proud sponsors of CoreOS Fest this year! This year CoreOS Fest is going international – the main event will be hosted in Berlin (May 9-10), with a satellite event concurrently in San Francisco (May 9). If you can’t make it to the main event, you can join us in San Francisco where you can watch keynotes from Berlin and listen to live talks from experts in container technologies, distributed systems, and open source software. Be sure to stop by our table for demo, and don’t miss the Four Barrel coffee being served by Red Door.



gluecon logoGlueCon

SignalFx is proud to sponsor GlueCon again this year. Hosted in Colorado, GlueCon (May 25-26) is an event that was created with developers in mind. Topics covered include NoSQL, APIs, HTML5, cloud management and security, DevOps, mobile app development, and cloud platforms.


Rajesh HeadshotOur own Rajesh Raman will be giving one of the keynotes, on May 25th at 5pm. Rajesh will talk about doing meaningful things with constantly flowing data, and how difficult it can be to make decisions when you want to—such as trending, statistical analysis, dynamic thresholding, ad-hoc exploration, etc—because of time. When you have a many things spread over a lot of space producing a ton of data, every little bit of irregularity, skew, lag, jitter, and burstiness can throw off everything. Using SignalFx as an example, we’ll look at what happens in the real world and how to engineer for it.


Rajiv Kurian HeadshotRajiv Kurian will also be presenting, Getting to 10x Performance Improvement on our Data Routing Layer. At SignalFx, we ingest, process, and run in-stream analytics against high-volume high-resolution data from users. A critical part of the system is the publish/subscribe mechanism for routing data. We have adopted some of the best practices from fields such as High Performance Computing to make our routing layer fast and scalable. Rajiv’s presentation provides examples of how to implement those practices, as well as SignalFx’s before/after results. Catch his talk on May 25th, at 3:45pm.


MesosCon LogoMesosCon

SignalFx is also proud to sponsor MesosCon North American. Hosted in Denver, MesosCon is organized by the Apache Mesos community. This event brings together users and developers so they can share and learn about the project and its growing ecosystem. Stop by our booth for a demo!




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