SignalFx is now integrated with Apache ActiveMQ. We collect ActiveMQ via JMX, using the GenericJMX plugin for collectd.

To get started, click on the ActiveMQ tile on the Integrations page in SignalFx. Here you’ll find a customizable collectd configuration, documentation of metrics gathered, and how to access the built-in dashboards for ActiveMQ hosts, brokers, topics and queues.

ActiveMQ Integrations Page

You can find the built-in dashboard in the Catalog as activemq under services in the left column. The service overview dashboard shows the status and overall utilization of all ActiveMQ capacity, including metrics such as total message load on all brokers or top loaded brokers by number of connections.

ActiveMQ Dashboard

Select a specific host to show the status of running brokers, including metrics such as the number of current queues, topics, or connections or top queues by number of messages.

ActiveMQ Host

Select the name of a topic or queue under plugin_instance to see detailed metrics such as the rate of messages being added to a queue or number of consumers for a specific topic.

ActiveMQ Queue


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