The transition to cloud can be filled with challenges. Adopting new tools and technologies to ensure you’re getting top performance from a microservices architecture can be overwhelming. Luckily the SignalFx Training team is here to help you successfully move to a more modern infrastructure.

Fundamentals is a new online training series for SignalFx users who want to jumpstart their monitoring and alerting with best practices and insights from the field. Whether you are just getting started with SignalFx or looking to get the most out of the service, the Fundamentals series covers the key building blocks you need to identify, track, and address service-wide patterns and trends using analytics.

Get Ready for Modern Infrastructure

SignalFx Fundamentals is part of a learning path for development and operations teams making the transition to open-source software, containers, and hosted infrastructure. This first series of courses is designed to be equally useful whether you are brand new to infrastructure monitoring or have experience using related monitoring technologies. It is the best way for cloud-ready organizations to get experience and advance the skills needed to start interacting with metrics from a modern infrastructure.

Ways to create detectors

leveraging analytics

Participants in the course will learn to visualize real-time streaming metrics, explore those metrics using properties of the environment and create rational, effective alerts. Through self-paced videos, hands-on exercises, and interactive labs and quizzes, participants will navigate the core foundation of SignalFx and learn topics such as:

  • A high level overview of the SignalFx cloud monitoring service
  • Understanding the types of SignalFx integrations
  • A definition of the SignalFx data model (including metric, metric time series, dimensions)
  • Learning the significance of different metric types and the associated rollups
  • Interacting with operational data through dashboards and charts
  • Creating detectors, alerts and notifications based on analytics
  • Leveraging analytics in charts and detectors for your specific use case

Start Training Today

Access the Fundamentals series as a SignalFx customer through the training portal. See more about the course’s objectives, outline, prerequisites, and additional resources for each portion of the training. Take these courses on your own time with 24×7 access from anywhere around the world and know that you will have an effective, interactive learning experience. Start now!

We continue to build out the learning path as you transition to modern infrastructure. Stay tuned for new courses!

Private training for your team is also available at your location and according to your schedule. Contact us for more information.


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About the authors

Aruna Venkatraman

Aruna leads training at SignalFx and has many years of experience as a technical educator with enterprise software companies. Previously she worked at MapR, Workday and the United Nations.

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