Join us at AWS re:Invent 2018
Join us at AWS re:Invent 2018
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Cloud Monitoring for a Real-time World
Cloud Monitoring for a Real-time World
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Where are you on your Cloud-Native journey?

Quickly realize the full benefits of the Cloud and DevOps with the only solution designed for every stage of the Cloud-Native journey

Explore the stages of the Cloud-Native Journey

Remove the risk of migrating to the cloud with complete visibility into both your legacy and cloud environments. Learn more

Get more value from the Cloud by empowering your DevOps teams with powerful real-time analytics and unified dashboards. Learn more

Seamlessly manage the complexity of microservices & serverless and automate your CI/CD pipeline with a consolidated enterprise-grade operational intelligence platform. Learn more


Capabilities to advance your Cloud-Native journey

Whether you’re beginning your journey into the cloud or have embraced elastic environments, we have the capabilities to help you monitor and gather operational insights from the metrics that matter most.


Streaming is the only way to get real-time insights in seconds

High-resolution, low-latency analytics and alerting are critical to finding and resolving problems in time. 

Other monitoring tools that rely on batch processing take too long to alert on issues. Only a streaming architecture can ingest, analyze, and deliver data quickly enough to keep small issues from impacting your customers in a big way.

Batch is Slow

  • Minutes to fire an alert
  • Unpredictable alert latency
  • Performance degrades at scale
  • Not fast enough for ephemeral architectures

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Streaming is Real-time

  • Seconds to fire an alert
  • Consistent alert latency
  • Performance at scale, with analytics
  • Instant monitoring of ephemeral architectures

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How streaming solves real business problems

Our customers come in all sizes, from all industries, and all regions of the globe. They use different tools, collect different data, and create value in different ways, but they all share a common goal – to provide the best products, services, and experiences for their own customers. See why they choose SignalFx.

Yelp wanted to spend more time building Yelp, and less engineering time supporting their monitoring tools.

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Tapjoy needed to move beyond check-based monitoring to empower their entire team with high quality alerts.

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Scaling rapidly to tens of thousands of AWS services made Acquia's old monitoring tools obsolete.

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“For the vast amount of metrics we produced, SignalFx was the only solution we tried that didn’t fall over in the first week.”

Sam Eaton
VP of Engineering - Ops & Infrastructure

“SignalFx gives our support and engineering teams a single, robust platform for reporting on platform metrics. These metrics give our teams critical insights that allow us to accelerate product development, improve support efficiency, and provide business-critical analytics to our customers.”

Aaron Pacheco
Product Manager


Join SignalFx

Help us build the systems management platform of the future. We’re looking for thoughtful and driven leaders to join our team and empower developers to more effectively operate their applications and infrastructure – in real-time, at any scale.

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